About Pan Services

Based in Washington, D.C. and Abuja, Pan Services’ history dates back to 1996 when it operated as a full services architectural firm in Greenbelt, Maryland. Over the past 20 years, Pan Services’ experience has covered residential, mixed-use, government, commercial and institutional projects in the Washington, D.C. metro area as well as internationally in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria in development and construction management.


With an average of over twenty years of experience each, Pan Services’ principals and senior managers are leaders in their respective core competencies. And where necessary, we form strategic alliances with other industry leaders associated with our core services to uniquely meet our clients’ goals.


Our S-Curve Growth

Pan Services has enjoyed an enviable year-over-year growth pattern typical of any highly successful company. Over the past decade, the firm has invested heavily into creating a trustworthy and reliable track record of performance, building a foundation for growth and establishing the firm as an International Center of Excellence.


Pan Services has built an organization of scalable capability, competency, capacity and organizational structure, while maintaining its powerful internal culture, public brand and market differentiation. The firm is now prepared to drive the next S-curve of growth to create new opportunities in response to growing customer demand – domestically and internationally. The Leadership Team and the Board of Directors are committed to growth and providing opportunity for team members while increasing Pan Service cultural and philanthropic impact on its customers and the  communities where it operates.


Rarely over the course of someone’s career do they have an opportunity to join a firm at the Point of Inflection immediately preceding extraordinary growth. Pan Services recognizes this is a rare opportunity and is committed to finding and engaging the right people to both participate in the work as well as enjoy the rewards.



Awards & Recognition

The Presidents Certificate for Export Service

Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation and the U.S. Department of Commerce


AIA Housing Committee Award

In Recognition of Excellence in Residential Design

The American Institute of Architects


AIA Architecture on the Edge

Honors and Awards Recipient, Greenbelt Maryland

The American Institute of Architects


NIDO Americas Award

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to

Nigerians in Diaspora Organization NIDO