Pan Services has an extraordinary mission and an amazing culture that is demonstrated by high levels of work ethic, integrity and personal commitments to excellence. The Company is committed to protecting that amazing culture through its commitment to servant leadership and high standards.


Don’t just work somewhere.

Work somewhere where the work makes a difference.

We’re making a difference here.

How to Apply

  1. Review the entire role description for which you want to apply.
  2. If a Candidate Questionnaire is required for the position, download, complete and submit your answers to the questionnaire.
  3. Remember to also submit an up-to-date, complete and accurate version of your resume in Word or text format (not PDF).
  4. All submissions are reviewed. Please be patient until we reply to you with possible next steps.
  5. Required Qualifications are listed separately from Preferred Qualifications. Please consider them carefully.
  6. Check out our Career Support portal for additional tips and information!
  7. Also discover more about Our Company, Our Culture and Working at Pan Services here on our website.
  8. Next Steps…Explore the link below to access a full list of our open and active positions.

Current Opportunities

If you have been contacted directly by a recruiter in regard to a confidential search for one of the following positions, please work with directly with the assigned recruiter to be considered for all positions for which you are qualified. The following is a partial list of our open and active positions.


  • Commercial Construction Program Manager, Washington, D.C.
  • Director of MEP Engineering, Washington, D.C.
  • Cost Estimator (Engineering and Construction), Washington, D.C.
  • AIA Accountant/Bookkeeper, Washington, D.C.
  • Administrative Assistant, Washington, D.C.
  • Physical Security Project Coordinator, Abuja, Nigeria

Rewards and Compensation

Total Rewards Overview


We believe people are multi-dimensional – so, rewards should be too! The Company’s Total Rewards and Compensation program clearly demonstrates a commitment to providing support and assistance throughout all the milestones of your life. The Company is committed to support the health and well-being of its employees.


Please find a complete description of your Total Rewards, including,


  • Financial Benefits
  • Health, Medical, Prescription
  • Dental Insurance Benefits
  • Vision Insurance Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Life and Family Benefits
  • Professional Growth and Development
  • Other Benefits

Compensation, Benefits and Rewards



Medical Insurance

  • A Group Medical Plan from a nationally recognized plan carrier is available to all eligible employees
  • The Group Medical Plan coverage is fully subsidized by the Company for eligible enrolled employees
  • A family Group Medical Plan and/or PPO for dependents is available to all eligible employees
  • The plans provide various levels of coverage and low deductibles for in-network services
  • Preventive services are covered at 100%
  • Access to care is available through a national provider network


Prescription Insurance

  • Prescription drug coverage is included with Medical Plan


Dental Insurance

  • A Group Dental Plan from a nationally recognized dental plan carrier is available to all eligible employees
  • The Group Dental Plan coverage is fully subsidized by the Company for eligible enrolled employees only
  • Group Dental Plan coverage for dependents is available to all eligible employees
  • The Dental Plan provides an annual benefit up to $5,000 for in-network services
  • The Dental Plan also provides coverage for major dental work including adult and child orthodontia
  • The Dental Plan benefit includes two dental cleanings per year, with no deductible, paid at 100%


Vision Insurance

  • A Vision Plan is available and fully subsidized by the Company




Competitive Wage and Salary Policy

Pan Services has developed policies and procedures to ensure wages and salaries are comparable to those of other employees with similar jobs at Pan Services and in our industry. Our wage and salary policies are designed to attract and retain the best-qualified people available.


  • A retirement plan is available to eligible employees
  • The Company also contributes a Company Match based on individual contributions


Performance Bonus Program

  • Annual Discretionary Bonus based upon Company profitability and personal contributions




  • Generous Personal Time Off (PTO) benefit equal to three weeks annually for sick, personal and vacation use
  • Seven paid holidays and one flexible holiday
  • Flex Time. Flexible work hours are available to all eligible employees
  • Other Leaves of Absence
  • Casual Office. A relaxed, business casual office environment




  • Financial Bonuses. Annual Discretionary Bonus based upon Company profitability and personal contributions
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition. Kudos employee recognition program
  • Leadership Recognition. Regular recognition and feedback from leadership
  • Corporate events




  • Subject matter training and executive skills enhancement
  • IDP (Individual Development Plan) development and planning
  • Professional coaching and mentoring
  • Professional growth and development
  • Job Security with an established and growing company
  • Reimbursement for approved Continuing Education upon completion

Long-Term Career Benefits

More Than a Job…


At Pan Services, you will get paid to learn how to apply your experience and grow with a growing company. You will be paid to literally create a more valuable you. Here are some additional benefits you can expect to receive over time,


  1. JOB SECURITY. Both our Company and our industry are in growth-mode because of the vision of our leadership, continuous technology innovation and our reliable commitment to deliver to our customers.


  1. GREAT FINANCIAL REWARDS. The pay range (commensurate with experience) for our jobs is competitive from the beginning. However, the total value of our Total Rewards Package is even more significant.


  1. HIGHER FUTURE VALUE. Your “total future earnings” is your most valuable personal asset (more than cars or houses); and so, seizing an opportunity to work for a growing organization – where you will also grow – is one of the single-most important things you can do to increase your future market value…and future annual income.


  1. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Learning increases the value of your most-valuable asset – your future earnings. Professional development not only promotes team results – it also increases your individual value. At Pan Services you will gain access to new training, knowledge and tools. These experiences will make you significantly more desirable in the future for future opportunities. Literally, you are going to be paid to improve you!


  1. FUTURE CAREER FLEXIBILITY. Professionals in any industry who have multiple successful career experiences tend to be much more marketable over time. This phenomenon is sought after in growing small- to mid-size companies; because, the constant exposure to changing challenges and solutions creates strong professional growth.


  1. INTANGIBLE BENEFITS. Intangible rewards can only by delivered by a company and supervisors who care. Intangible rewards at Pan Services include praise, awards, honors, recognition, inclusion, etc. We take this seriously – here’s how seriously and what else you can expect:


  • Healthy Leadership Team
  • Strong Corporate Culture
  • Regular Performance Recognition
  • Community Give-back Programs
  • Caring, Qualified Colleagues and Leaders
  • Strong Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Cross-training Opportunities
  • Servant Leadership Management Model
  • Career Advancement possibilities
  • Career Stability in an established organization