We are Pan Services

An International Full-Service Infrastructure Development and Management Advisory services firm in Washington, DC. Our services include Strategic Advisory, Real Estate Consulting, Architectural, Engineering, Construction Solutions and Asset Management. With a combined experience of over 60 years, Pan Services’ Principals deliver a unique experience in each of their respective core competencies. Pan Services extends its reach and scalability through its network of global strategic alliances with industry leaders. Pan Services was one of the only three businesses recognized in Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation case study that led to the County’s first ever Presidential Export Award by US Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in May, 2019.


Our Philosophy: Uncompromising drive for high-quality services to uniquely meet our clients’ most challenging goals.


Our Priority: Client-focused, innovative solutions and integrity-driven decisions are our highest priorities.

Key Differentiators

We believe that building relationships requires the right people. We are committed to dedicating experienced team members to all projects. One of Pan Service’s strengths is bringing highly qualified team players to every project to develop relationships of mutual trust and superior expertise. Trust is an essential element of collaboration which allows us to perform at high levels with our existing clients.


Also, at the core of our practice is our desire to help our clients by continually improving the quality of each successive project. Our ability to coordinate and communicate with project teams allows for a high level of integration of all services. Performing well on any one project is not our end goal. We partner with our clients to help them achieve their short and long-term goals – no matter how large.

Our Infrastructure Development Services


Pan’s approach to development project is to conduct initial survey of the market opportunities upon site identification as well as liaise with agencies having jurisdiction. Pan provides Project Management and Advisory services. Where necessary, engages other strategic partners who are industry professionals at the appropriate stages and coordinates the project team. The various stages are outlined as follows:


  • Site Selection
  • Feasibility
  • Due Diligence
  • Acquisition activities (preliminary discussion with potential equity partners as needed)
  • Neighborhood/Stakeholder engagements (depending on the nature and size/requirements of the project).
  • Entitlement works
  • Architecture/Engineering & other Consultants services
  • Building Permits processing and associated services
  • Financing
  • Construction Phase services
  • Commissioning



We practice Integrated Design on client projects as a best practice to realize all stakeholders’ design-build goals from Planning and Engineering through to Construction. Services include:


  • Technology Requirements Analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis Modeling
  • Technology Integration Oversight
  • IT, A/V, Security Systems Design
  • Tech Infrastructure Planning and Implementation
  • Technology Procurement
  • Green Solutions



We understand the critical nature of physical security solutions throughout the implementation of complex projects in the most sensitive areas. Our hands-on approach with our teaming partners allows us to work with the right security resources throughout the entire project.


  • Facilities Threat Assessments
  • Personal Security Services (PSS)
  • Support for Special Operations and Intelligence
  • Protective Operations in Forward Operating Positions
  • Ground Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Support
  • Physical and Technical Security
  • Facilities and Supply Chain Guard Services



We know how to leverage our experience teaming with contractors to provide all aspects of mechanical, electrical, security and plumbing construction – including engineering and consulting services. We have designed and understand an extensive range engineering and construction projects and can select and design reliable and cost-effective solutions for your infrastructure project. Services include, but are not limited to,


  • Facilities Construction Planning
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction Services
  • Project Management
  • Physical and Drone Inspections
  • Commissioning
  • Systems Integration



We deliver logistics planning and execution services for projects of all sizes, scopes and complexities. Logistics planning, supply chain management and physical security execution are integrated components of a properly-designed, full-service solution – all critical aspects to the on-time and on-budget delivery of complex, infrastructure projects. Logistics services include,


  • Material Resource Planning
  • Asset Management Services
  • Warehouse Management
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Operations Support Services
  • Shipping and Transportation Management
  • Security Functions for Shipments



Our professionals (and/or strategic partners) analyze assets to evaluate their challenges and opportunities with the goal of enhancing asset value, maximize revenue while reducing operating costs. Asset dispositions based on the investment strategies.


  • Asset Management Services include:
  • Property Management
  • Property Accounting
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Leasing
  • Market Analysis
  • Brokerage

Industries We Serve

  • Commercial – Restaurant, retail, religious, hotels, multi-level parking garage, data centers
  • Industrial – Corporate headquarters, office, conference centers, mixed-use buildings
  • Public Infrastructure – Roadways, bridges, highways
  • Government – Municipal, diplomatic residences, field houses, community centers, schools
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, health services
  • Education – Learning centers, elementary, high schools, universities
  • Residential – Custom homes, luxury mansions, private multi-tenant residences

Our Clients